Madeline is practicing commercial and corporate lawyer and the Founder & Principal Director of iResolveä a full – pledged arbitration practice established in 2014. She mainly provides arbitration/ADR consultancies, represents parties in domestic commercial arbitration and or acts as arbitrator, commercial mediator and arbitral secretary in both domestic & international arbitrations under the TIArb, UNCITRAL, CRCICA and ICC Rules and also acts as an arbitral secretary in complex arbitrations.

She serves on the panel of arbitrators of SADC, NCC, TIArb, SHIAC and CAJAC.

She is currently the PresidentTanzania Institute of Arbitrators (TIArb), Chairperson –Africa Asia Mediation Association, Regional Director – Centre for International Alternative Dispute Resolution (CIADr), and a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and the LACIAC Court of Arbitration. She is a member of the ICC Africa Commission, the ICC Commission on Arbitration & ADR; a member of the IBA Africa Arbitration Network and SIAC Africa User’s Council. She is a Fellow of the World Mediation Organization (WMO) and Representative of ADR Point (Greece) for Tanzania.

Madeline often offers tailored trainings to the judiciary on arbitration matters and delivered various courses to various institutions including under the ILI Washington on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

Ms. Kimei was awarded the 2019 Top 50 Women in Management Award (Tanzania); finalist for the Innovation in Arbitration, Africa Arbitration Awards (EAIAC-2019) and an awardee of the Top 50 Most Promising Young Arbitration Practitioner’s Award 2020 winning a mentorship program with Stephenson Harwood -UK.