Our Services

Our Services

TIAC provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, which include international and domestic commercial arbitration, mediation, conciliation, and negotiation, Non-Commercial ADR services as well as Capacity building and Professional development to ADR practitioners.

01. Commercial ADR Services
TIAC provides a comprehensive set of high quality ADR services with a commitment to delivering high-quality services. These services include commercial arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, and neutral evaluations.
02. Non-Commercial ADR Services
TIAC recognizes the need of entrenching ADR Services to the less privileged communities in Tanzania, particularly women, children, youth and indigenous people. TIAC, therefore, aims to facilitate, on a non- profit basis, time and cost-effective dispute resolution to accommodate specific needs and interests of marginalized groups and entrench its mediation and conciliation services on family property issues, child custody and access, matrimonial issues, labor, environmental and community land rights.
03. Capacity building and professional development
TIAC runs a program that ensures competent continuing professional development on ADR, aiming at creating a new generation of competent domestic and international ADR practitioners with a common understanding of global ADR best practices, and increased awareness of domestic and international ADR systems by conducting a number of seminars, trainings, workshops and dialogues which are meant to provide skills and knowledge to ADR practitioners as well as tailor made training basing on the needs of a particular profession and institutions.
04. Case Management & Arbitral secretaries
TIAC provides administration of arbitration services in an efficient, cost-effective and professional manner. Our case managers actively assist the parties and the Tribunal throughout the arbitration proceedings hence avoiding unnecessary delays and expenses. The case manager can administer arbitration case in English or Swahili.

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TIAC membership is open and essential to any interested dispute resolution practitioners from all fields and sectors including law, engineering, finance, Information Technology and other disciplines.


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